[Note: each Emmys Suite gets its own column, in random order this time, because I don’t want you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. (All the Celeb Sightings will be in their own column next week.) So, please make sure to look at the past few posts to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the last of four.]

This year, Secret Room, which was held on the Garden Terrace of the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, was my favorite Emmys Suite! They had the most fun gifts ever, so let’s just get right to them!

Shuzi Products—this was possibly the gift I was most enthusiastic about. They were gifting pendants and bracelets that help make “your mind and body more resistant to…stress of any form, including…harmful emissions radiating from electronic equipment such as cell phones, computers, and hair dryers.” Great—everything I use, in spades!!! If there’s ever a human being who needs to be rid of stress, (and not just from electronics!,) you’re reading her writings right now!!!

All photos, (except the bottom one,) by Karen Salkin.

Smile Science—I have a feeling everyone knows what a big fan of attractive teeth I am. So, I was happy to see these whitening pens at the suite. And now you can feel like one of us guests, with this special offer for my readers. Just use this coupon code ( SSVIP) for 50% off any product on their website: [Note: I usually don’t do this, but teeth are the most important thing about the face, and I want everyone’s to be the whitest they can be!]

Erica M.–boy, did this company get it right! They featured sexy chicks rocking even sexier legwear! I’ve really never seen styles like these. If you’re a girl after a guy who won’t give you the time of day, I suggest wearing these babies the next time he’s around. If they don’t do the trick, nothing will!

The Cheese Knife—OMG! I seriously had to look twice to make sure these knives were cutting cheese instead of butter! I’ve never felt anything like it! Chopping has always been my least favorite cooking chore, but I just may start now, just to use them. ( Mr. X and I, being Dateline viewers, always joke that we don’t think we should be allowed to have sharp knives in the house, but these plastic ones are so perfect that we just have to chance it.)

Doggie DentalAID—besides that their dog-flosser is an invaluable aid for your pooch, these people themselves are the nicest! I rarely even get a simple “thank you” from the people I write about, but not only did this man send me a note, it was so lovely that it almost made me cry! There are seriously too few like them around.

The cotton cases feature cats, but the dog cut-out looks a little like Clarence. (Only not close to as beautiful.)

Triple-T-Studios—as someone who’s used one of this company’s quilted purses for some time now, I was happy to see them at this suite once again. This time they were gifting a whole line of cat-accented accessory cases, like for cosmetics and jewelry. Being deathly allergic to real cats, I wish they had had dogs on them instead, but I loved the sizes!

New Beauty—ever since I was a young teen, I’ve loved receiving samplers of beauty products. It was something I’d look so forward to then, and the feeling has never changed. That’s why I love this company’s famous Test Tube. It’s everything a glamour girl could want! And it’s the best way to discover new items, (outside of reading this site’s Beauty section, that is!)

Je Beau International—I was immediately drawn to this table of cosmetics because they have the same name as the fictional one on The Young and The Restless! But this one is spelled classier and is based on the name of the girl who created it. In addition to gifting always-necessary face primer, Julie was choosing the correct crème foundation for each guest. With so many people in the biz there, this was one popular sponsor!

Party Panty—these sexy g-string and panties have a secret pocket in them! They’re perfect for girls to have some stashed-away money in, for mishaps at the club. (Or perhaps a cab ride home in the morning?)


Freeze 24-7—this skin care company had such an inviting display of cool-looking products. I wanted them all! The reps picked-out one item for each guest, and I was thrilled that the girl didn’t choose an anti-wrinkle one for me, although I’m sure it’s never too early to start on that one of life’s little problems.


Country Connections Inc.–with all the physical pain, (not to mention the emotional ones!,) that Mr. X and I have been through this year, I was perhaps happiest to discover their Muscle Mist Sprays. I have almost every malady their site recommends it for! Oh goodie.

Lynex—this is a company that develops skin care for others to put their labels on and claim as their own. So, wouldn’t we rather buy it directly from them, with no middle man? The answer is yes, especially because of their pretty pink and green packaging!

Live Good Inc.–these organic cotton pillow covers are too beautiful to sleep on! I suggest using them as decoration, especially if you have other classy décor.

Earthly Body—the lit massage candles from this line of hemp beauty products, (that includes hair care) made the whole suite smell delicious! And left me wanting a much-needed massage! (Hint to Mr. X.)

Ro Sham Beaux—this designer from South Carolina (oh, that rhymes!,) was showing some of her beautiful furniture. Never have I wanted to sit on a couch more! And gaze upon the turquoise chandelier that I can envision as jewelry.

Glitzy Bella—these “bedazzlers” can make anything look glitzy! They’re my kind of sparkly people.

Bambooee—these are reusable paper towels! Pretty interesting. They’re made of bamboo and you can put them in the washing machine.
Secret Room’s charity this time was the spcaLA, so they had lots of pet products for me to tell you about. But first a word about spcaLA itself. Their services include animal sheltering, cruelty investigation, adoptions, and humane education. I’m sure pet lovers everywhere can appreciate all that.

Rosie and Friends—I wish these good-smelling bath and skincare products for dogs had been around when Clarence was! We could have saved a fortune on getting him groomed elsewhere, instead of doing it ourselves. We’d all smell good!

Frenchies Kitchen—this fresh-frozen dog food looked so good that we went to the table thinking it was something for us to eat! Lucky dogs.

Star Struck Pet Products—OMG! These paw-shaped “training pads” are the cutest! I swear, I want to use them for myself! Clarence would have loved them! (Or, more accurately, we would have loved seeing him on them.)

Photo of Karen Salkin's French manicure by Karen Feiler. (No worries; Karen does have a left thumb; it's just not visible here.)

You know I love a suite with snacks and services, so I was happy that we got manicures from the ladies at Lollipop Salon in Costa Mesa, and our make-up touched-up, if we so desired, while we ate lots of sweets from a variety of companies.

And there was one more charity there. The Village Experience provides socially responsible tourism opportunities. Check them out if you want to do something different for your next adventure.

Now, as they say in the biz, that’s a wrap for the 2012 Emmys Suites! Whew. But no worries—there are more awards shows just around the corner, (much to Mr. X’s dismay, and
my delight.)


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