[This suite was so wonderful that I had to tell you about it immediately. But all next week will be devoted to the rest of the suites, so please check back for those reviews.]

Roger and Lynn Neal outdid even themselves with their 16th Annual Style Hollywood Beauty & Couture Suite for the Oscars! Held once again in Beverly Hills’ L’Ermitage Hotel, in the two garden suites, it was really a four-day fiesta that no one wanted to leave!

It was a gifting and beauty suite, which is the happiest marriage to me, (just like that of Roger and Lynn!) And they made everything comfortable for us guests. Most of the gifts were in giant goodie bags that we received on the way out, so we could just relax and enjoy all the services without having to rush to get the gifts. Or carry them around the suite! Great planning on the Neals’ part.

I really lucked-out, with everything actually, but especially with the escort who showed me around the suite. Mera Zero (her real name!,) was absolutely adorable, totally stylish, and the perfect combination of efficient, soothing, and allowing business to get done. And best of all, she looked like a little ME!!! (Well, probably not best for her, but I was happy about it!) She calmly guided me to my treatments and introduced me to the sponsors. And carried my purse, so my arms would be free for shaking hands and photographs.

Photos by Karen Salkin.

One of the best features here was Chef Kurt Ehrlich, owner of Burbank’s Hollywood Pasta Company, who came up with different delicious hot dishes and salads every day! He even did smoothies and pastries for breakfast! (I have to admit this suite was so welcoming that I stopped by on three different occasions! I was worried about over-staying my welcome, but then I found-out several guests did the same. I guess that’s what happens when you throw a great event.) And his desserts, especially the best red velvet cake I’ve ever had, are the reason I was able to spend the whole first day at the suite, because they gave me energy. (Now that they know, the Neals might just cancel the chow next time, to get rid of me!)

Anyhow, the services were perfect, so let’s get to those first, and in order:

Upon my arrival, I was ushered into one of the lovely little “cabanas” set-up in one suite for a stem cell facial with Nancy Burns from G.M. Collin Skincare out of Canada. She’s the woman who teaches everyone else in the company how to perform these wonderful treatments, so how lucky was I to get her??? And my skin was positively glowing when she was done.

Next up for me was a visit to Heather Funk, of Beauty Call LA, who’s a beauty suite unto herself!!! She took the time to shape my brows and give me laser eye and neck treatments (is this TMI?,) which actually were pretty effective right away! She did some other grooming tricks, that even a glamor girl such as me never thought of, and which I think I’ll keep private. (Hallelujah to that, right?) I had just been telling Mr. X there must be some secret ways that people in Hollywood stay good-looking without surgery, and I have a feeling Heather knows them all!!!

I moved on to a mini-massage from Mario Serban, of LA Training Room. He was conscientious enough to constantly inquire if the pressure was good for me.

I then spent a long time with the fun females from Sparkles Nail Products getting a pedicure and gel manicure from owner Shelley Hill. (How wonderful are all these beauty experts’ names???) She developed a line of the most sparkly loose eyeshadows ever, and a magical way to keep them in place. On top of that, she figured out how to make them into a gel manicure! I can’t tell you what heaven I’ve been in ever since discovering this company! I love chicks who sparkle. There aren’t enough fun sparkly girls like us, in my opinion. (Notice how I included myself in there?)

I finished-up with eyelash extensions from Jimmy Dinh, one of the twin (with his brother, Daniel) “Eyelash Gurus To the Stars.” Honestly, these are the best eyelashes I’ve ever gotten!!! Jimmy was so gentle doing it that I actually fell asleep on the table! And they’re stunning! Very natural but so dazzling that people told me they could see I looked good from down the hall! [Note: sorry for all the exclamation points, but these lashes are superlative.] Also, when I asked Jimmy if I could cry in the lashes, and explained that’s because I had just lost my mother, he was so cute and told me, “No crying. Your mom would want you to be pretty!” Now I’m going to cry from how cute that was of him to say!

After I finally looked good enough to not scare the public, (except with my by-now messed-up hair, from all the great beauty treatments,) Mera took me around to meet the sponsors. Even though many of their products were already in the giant goodie bags, I wanted to thank everyone in person, and hear what they wanted to tell me about their item. I happened upon a few additional gifts that way, and met some of my future new best friends in the process.

Before I get into the gifts, I have to laud their charities of choice, including Safety Harbor Kids. A couple of the kids from the organization even got to come to the suite, get pampered, and make connections that will help them in their future careers. Nice people, too. It appears to be an excellent organization, so please check them out.

The other is the Andy Transplant Foundation, which assists people in need of transplants. Their raison d’être is a cautionary tale which you should read on their site.

Here are the highlights of all the gifts, in the bag and out:

House of Minerva—The first gift that caught my eye was an adorable handmade apron…with cupcakes on it! My mouth was literally watering. When I had time to stop by for close-up inspection, I loved all these items from designer Kate Elfatah, who also makes bags and kids’ clothing that make me wish I had done better in Home Ec myself! She has a design for everybody, with the apron styles being listed as girls names rather than code numbers. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that she names a bag after me!

Ulinx Jewelry—there was constantly a crowd around this table of magnetic charm bracelets (and rings) that you make yourself. (Well, actually, since they’re magnetic, they practically make themselves.) I loved the silver balls by themselves, but when you add the round or square charms, magic happens. I haven’t had this much fun creating my own jewelry since my mother had some pop-it beads left over from the ’50s!

Lipsmart—this lip moisturizer is ultra-creamy-feeling. It’s volumizer, too, with no sting! And the sleek white tube is so much classier to rock than those medicinal tubes. Perfect to carry to the Oscars!

Classified Cosmetics—I cannot wait to try their Flawless Red Carpet Cosmetic Collection! I don’t wear face make-up, except when I’m on camera, so, to have a good spray-on primer and bronzer, is a dream come true. Hey, if it’s good enough for the Breaking Dawn actors to wear in the films, it’s good enough for me!

Principal Secret Skincare—the actress’ line includes a product called Reclaim Continuous Lift. If it works on my face, I just may bathe in it!

Usana Health Services—this company that features energy bars, health drinks, and a heck of a lot of supplements has a feature on their website where you can enter your health profile and they’ll customize a pack that’s just right for you. I hope they have the Bon Vivette category for me!

Luxury Trends—I was thrilled when I saw these Swarovski-adorned lighted tweezers in my bag! You never know what you’ll need to pluck in the dark! (I know that sounds weird, but I mean it. Just not like it sounds.) And the leather carrying case has a tiny mirror inside. Adorable, classy, and practical!

That’s it for the Roger Neal Oscars Suite. Please remember to check back next week for the scoops on the rest of the crop!


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