[Note: each MTV Movie Awards Suite gets its own column, in the order that I visited them, because I don’t want you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. So, please make sure to check back several times (and look at the past few posts) to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the fourth of five. The last, but not least, one will be on Monday, because tomorrow brings the review of The Addams Family.]

I had been to a Kari Feinstein suite only once over the years, but it was fabulous then, and even more so now! I was thrilled to be included.

Upon entering the mezzanine level suite at the W Hollywood, we immediately felt the classy vibe. And we were helped on our way by the beats of a DJ with a clever name—DJ Inturn. Loving it!

I love when a suite has services, which was the true intention of awards shows “suites” to begin with! [Note: for a refresher course, you can always check-out my Gifting Suites 101 primer here:] This one was chock full of them: there were two I was badly in need of, one I was happy to find out about, and one I can’t wait to use when my back gets better!

But first, I must tell you about my favorite gifts there:

All photos by Karen Salkin.

Essie Nail Polishes—talk about a mouth-watering display!!! As if the quintet of Essie’s top new colors wasn’t enough, (in a convenient silver carrying case to boot,) their table had giant snifters of M&Ms in all the colors to match the polishes!!! OMG! I wanted to snack and polish at the same time! I seriously can’t tell you how I never wanted to leave their table that day.

Marz Sprays—if this company’s oral sprays work, I’ll be feeling better in no time! It’s as if they knew everything I need; there are sprays to help you sleep, stay healthy, get energy, and, most importantly, slim down! Guess which one I’ll be using first? And keep in mind that I’m shallow!

Party Bullet—this updated version of the Magic Bullet has the most attractive packaging! It made us all happy…and we didn’t even use the product itself yet! The whole thing, the box and the colorful contents, looks like a party! It’s so attractive that it made me want to start drinking! And I love that their slogan is “because it’s always 5 o’clock somewhere.” Amen to that, (although my mixed beverages will be of the virgin variety, sort-of like I am, but not quite.)

Now, to the services:

I was thrilled to meet massage therapist Yvonne Mock-Robertson from outcall company Melt. She not only had healing hands but healing suggestions, as well. Now, I’m a little less worried about my upcoming trip to New York, because I know she’ll be here in LA to work on my back when I return.

I was happy to see eyebrow artist Marco Ochoa there, the only person I ran into all week who has longer, straighter hair than I! He quickly threaded my sad brows, and then introduced me to his latest product, EcoBrow Wax. It works like a pencil and gel together, only better.

This was the cutest idea; Vegas Hot Spots is a concierge service in Las Vegas, so they were gifting a bathrobe and slippers! How darling! (And appreciated.) The service itself is good to know about because they co-ordinate your whole stay for you. I was just in Vegas myself, and we never left the one hotel because it would have been too much of a hassle, so I sure could have used this service then.

Okay, here’s the one I have to get my back better for—a real rowing lesson, courtesy of the Whitehall Spirit Rowing Club! I’m hoping to do it right after the summer Olympics, so I can pick-up some tips from watching the pros. Then my new instructor will think I’m a prodigy. I hope they have classes to be a coxswain because I’m definitely better at barking-out instructions than I am at manual labor. Even when my back is healthy!!!


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