[Note: each Oscars Suite gets its own column because I don’t want any of you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. So, please make sure to check back several times (and look at the past few posts) to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the fifth of six. The last one will be posted on Monday.]

Catering by W Hollywood. All photos by Karen Salkin.

I love GBK suites because they always have wonderful gifts, interesting food, and classy surroundings. I rarely care about the celebrity factor, even though they usually attract the most. But when I found myself exiting the suite side-by-side with Oscar nominee (for Extremely Loud, Incredibly Close) Max Von Sydow, whom I had just lauded in two columns, I was beside myself with awe. Props to GBK and celebrity wrangler Rita Tateel on that coup!

Their Oscars Suite was held at the W Hollywood, which is always gorgeous. I love that the configuration places a small group of sponsors in each room; it makes speaking with them more intimate.

There were two services at this one, tans and manicures. I got Vani-T‘s spray tan, courtesy of Stacey Cilento from Australia, where this company is located. She used their Velocity Rapid Tan, which was great because I got to wash it off in just four hours, instead of the usual eight to twelve, so I could go out at night looking wonderful without being sticky! The next day, Mr. X Ray looked at my newly-golden loins and asked, “Is that a spray tan?!” When I answered in the affirmative, he said, “It’s the best ever!” They were supposed to give me a goodie bag of products to help keep-up my tan, but in all the excitement, we all forgot. So when they send them, I’ll let you know if I can look as good without the pros applying it for me.

I love Julep nail products, so I was a bit bummed that I had no time for a manicure from them. As an avid user of their nail treatments, (having discovered them at a previous GBK suite, ) I can tell you that they’re the best I’ve used so far! And I was jealous of another girl’s gold shimmer she just had applied, aptly named “Oscar.” (All their other polishes are named for girls.) I asked someone I know about her Julep mani and this is what she said: “My nails still look impeccable two days later.  I’m rough on my nails, and yet this is the first eco line that I don’t need to touch up every day.  And the cuticle oil moisturized my super dry cuticles.  They’re not splitting as much now.” Good endorsement.

RevitaLash—I heard several guests saying they were looking forward to receiving the newly-formulated RevitaLash ADVANCED eyelash conditioner. In case you’ve been living under a rock, it’s the original serum that lengthens and thickens eyelashes. Also in their line are brow enhancer, mascara, lash primer, and what so many people in Hollywood need–Hair by RevitaLash! It’s a conditioner that gives you thicker and fuller hair. And it’s not just for guys, if some of you gals get my drift.

Maya Water—I first discovered mist-on water as a beauty tip when I lived in Malta, way back in the day. So, I’ve always thought of it as exotic and mysterious. Maya Water, loaded with organic antioxidants, is straight from the Norwegian mountains, so you know it has to be good. Have you ever seen a Norwegian with anything but lovely skin???

Green PolkaDot Box—this sponsor was incredibly generous, gifting just about everyone a giant green polka dot box (what else?) filled with a collection of the company’s top-ranked organic foods and products (including my favorite deodorant!) We also each received a membership to the nation’s first on-line buying collective that features those items. Being so health-conscious, this was the one huge item Mr. X was happy to see enter our abode!

The Artisan Group—I always look forward to seeing what this collective of artists has put together for us. This time, their goodie bag contained candles, jewelry, stationary, and even a hand-painted drinking glass!!!

Ozonator—this is a money-saving new product that you place in your refrigerator to extend the life of your fresh and organic fruits, vegetables, and perishable foods, which is just about everything I have in there! Now, if it works on chocolate cake, I’ll marry it!

Filter 2 Go—what a wonderful concept this is, especially for someone like me who’s about to be stuck in Brooklyn for a month, with potentially only tap water to drink. (Don’t ask.) It’s a portable water bottle with a filtration device in the cap! You change it every million or so bottles-ful. (It’s really many fewer than a million, obviously, but they do last a long time.) I’ll be the coolest, and healthiest, girl in New York, rocking that bottle.

Karen McClintock Jewelry—this designer, (whose first name I love, of course!,) gifted the sweetest little silver and crystal earrings! Very classy-looking.

Mama Earth Rocks Publishing—as it states on her site, Mama Earth created her “eco-friendly publishing company” to help “citizens of this great earth make the connection between the food on their plate, their health, and the health of the planet.”  To that end, she gifted several books from her collection., including a children’s cook book that I can’t wait to try out next month in New York with my young chef pal, Ronnie Hazel, Jr. He’s my most fun friend with whom to create concoctions! (I wonder if Mama Earth has our recipe for Ooey Gooey Chocolate Cakes in there.)

Chloe and Isabel—I love that this company offers a lifetime replacement guarantee on all of their attractive jewelry!

Ajinomoto Products—this company was featuring two natural products that I really need! First is Glysom, a dietary supplement that helps achieve a deeper, sounder, and more satisfying sleep. The other is Capsiate Natura,which helps to boost your metabolism without side effects. Oh to be skinny and asleep! I hope these help.

KiwiFox—their slogan is “look sexy and ten years younger.” I already got the first part down, so I’m going for the ten years! Here’s hoping that their kiwi-containing skin care products will get that done for me.

Ambe—this is a skin care system that was developed by a plastic surgeon. They gifted minis of two of their popular products, including Vitamin Veil, which is said to add extra protection on cold, windy days, like I’m facing this month in New York. Guess I got this just in time!

HollyRod Foundation display.

This year’s charities include: The HollyRod Foundation, founded by actress Holly Robinson Peete and her former footballer hubby Rodney Peete, which is dedicated to providing compassionate care to those living with autism and Parkinson’s disease, (,) The Worldteam Foundation, which helps combat human trafficking, (,) The Sugar Ray Leonard Foundation,whose mission it is to raise funds to fight juvenile diabetes, (,) and Drawing for Hope, which uses visual art to join sexual assault survivors into a healing community. (

That’s if for this year’s GBK Oscars Suite. There’s one more short suite write-up next week, and then we’re moving on to other topics. For awhile, at least!



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