[Note: each Oscars Suite gets its own column because I don’t want any of you to miss even one item I’m telling you about. So, please make sure to check back several times (and look at the past few posts) to learn about all the fabulous-ness. This is the fourth of six.]

All photos by Karen Salkin.

Debbie Durkin held her Eco Oscars Lounge once again on the grounds of the stunning Pickford Mansion in Hancock Park. I had been here several times before, but now that I’m aware that the Oscar-winning Best Film, The Artist, was filmed here, I viewed it with newfound awe.

You know that I love when the suite organizers feed us because, trust me on this, as fun as it all is, gift-gathering is hard work! Debbie had a wonderful meat-centric buffet courtesy of South Of The Border Catering. They had meatballs, chicken, steak, and my favorite, sausages. But, the vegetarians were also fine—for them, there were beans, grilled mushrooms and wonderful salad. It was all so delicious that I had to go back for seconds! I would have gone for thirds had I not been time-constrained, luckily for the rest of the guests.

I also love when suites have services, and there were some good ones here. Yvonne Larson of Absolute Vital Body Works gave mini neck massages, which I really needed from carrying heavy gift bags all week.

And the ladies of Tinutra Salon were doing hair and hand treatments, neither of which I had time for, sadly. But they did take the time to “award” me, complete with acceptance speech on my part (!), a HAI Style Mate curl wand, just in case I ever get tired of rocking my straight ‘do!

Debbie’s always big on helping charities, and this time was no exception, with three of them on hand to educate the guests about their causes: Fur Fitness, (, YES! Beat Liver Tumors (, and Music Saves Lives, who sponsored wonderful musical performances all day. (

Now, to the highlights of the actual gifts:

D’MademoiselleCosmetics—We hit the jackpot with this gift! It was a carrying case filled with the best products this company has to offer: mascara, make-up remover, lip gloss, bronzer, and so much more. And in perfect sizes, as well!

Minky Couture—these cozy blankets are great for adults and children alike. You can choose form one of their signature designs or create your own, down to the ribbon. The only problem will be that there are so many attractive materials to choose from!

Huggrz—this is a really clever new item I haven’t seen anywhere else. They’re “covers” for boots, in all different materials and designs. With them, you can change the look of any boot any time. What a great way to add to your footwear wardrobe on a budget!

Solz Shoes—this company can make your feet feel good with a few different items. One is the attractive ballet slippers that come in their own small carry pouch, so you can take them along to events where you want to walk-in rocking stilettos, but exit in comfort.

LifeSource Water—Fred, the amiable rep form this water system company, recognized me form my show, so of course I liked what they had to offer! All joking aside, this is a water filter for the whole house, so your hair, skin, and pets will thank you for choosing it!

On the way out, we each got a giant box of Shaklee cleaning products. I already love their earth-friendly dishwasher detergent, so I’ll be happy to try the rest. Or, rather, have Mr. X try them! (Lucky me, right?)


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