You guys know I love a pampering event even more than a foodie one! Even if it’s designed for new mothers and moms-to-be. The one I attended the other night, hosted by Tia Carrere, was to celebrate the launch of the Adiri Nurser and took place at Falcon in Hollywood. Although the restaurant didn’t provide any food for the soiree, it was an excellent venue for it, with its multi-levels, so all the activities could be seen from almost anywhere on the premises, making us guests always part of the action.

We met the nice Canadian owner of WaterGeeks, the makers of my new favorites stainless steel water bottles, and the parent company of Adiri, which are nursers that are BPA-free. (If you’re a parent, you know how important that is.) To find-out just how many different drinking vessels are available for babies was interesting itself, but I had eyes for only the very colorful WaterGeeks display. I want to have them all lined-up in my house like that!

To help us relax even more than the mellow vibe was already doing, Vera Bella Spa had two masseuses giving us actual table massages–one girl for pregnant women, to do special pre-natal work, and another for the rest of us, though I wanted the former for my chubby self. I guess a plain fat stomach with nobody in it didn’t count.

To add a touch of sweetness along the way, Life Is Sweet provided a candy bar, my new favorite thing at Los Angeles events, and we got to sample mini-cupcakes from Debibilicious. (That is the correct spelling; it’s partly the owner’s last name, and nothing to do with the name “Debbie.”) My friend and I enjoyed all three flavors we tried, with the chocolate-peanut butter our fave. I think they have chunks of ingredients in them, but these were two-biters, so I couldn’t taste the whole story. I’ll try to bite into big ones sometime soon and let you know.

All the while, we were serenaded by songstress Rachel McGoye, which was so much more pleasant than the pounding DJ beats that permeate just about function I’ve been to for the past decade or so. This was much better for the yet-to-be-born children who were in attendance, too, I’m sure.

We left with mom-centric goodie bags and the feeling that we liked everyone there, which is far from often the case.


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