No one who attended this pre-Valentine’s Day party in El Segundo could feel lonely on the actual holiday.  They had all the fun memories, not to mention the gift bag goodies, to keep them good company.  (And in my particular case, I was happy to have some sweets to share with my own sweetie, the candy-loving Mr. X.)

SweetXO. Photo by Karen Salkin.

SweetXO. Photo by Karen Salkin.

The event was centered around SweetXO, which is Plaza El Segundo’s latest store, and is absolutely mouth-watering.  It has all kinds of candies, both new and retro, packaged and bulk, and also fun clothing and clever gifts!  It served as the starting point to the evening, where we got maps to all the stores that were participating, and a list of what festivities we could expect at each one. During our visit, we got to sample some of the shop’s top treats, including corn flake ice cream!!!  We also received one goodie bag from SweetXO, and a second one that included goodies from many of the Plaza’s other shops.  Trust me, this was my kind of soiree!

That second bag contained perhaps the most interesting goodie bag gift ever–a make-your-own pizza kit from Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza!  If the ones they serve in the actual eatery are anywhere close to as delicious as the one Mr. X and I made using their ingredients on Valentine’s Day, I’m putting them on my list to review this year!

Salt Creek Grille fare.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Salt Creek Grille fare. Photo by Karen Salkin.

You know I love an event that feeds us, and to that end, we had appetizers, such as egg rolls and chicken skewers with peanut sauce, at Salt Creek Grille.  We finished the snacks off with absolutely delicious cheesecake brownies that I’ve been craving ever since. They set-up a private room near the outdoor fire pit for just our group, and it was cozy enough for us to meet each other, (which you never get to do at spread-out events like this one.)  Celia and I sat with two adorable middle school teachers, Lauren and Elise, and we really enjoyed hanging with intelligent females, which, trust me, is far from an everyday occurrence in this town!  (I’m talking about L.A. in general, not El Segundo in specific!)

Natalie working on a client's brows at Temptress. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Natalie working on a client’s brows at Temptress. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Many retailers were serving alcohol, which I’m sure most of the guests enjoyed, but since I hate the taste of alcohol, (which I’m always happy about,) I had eyes for only the food and services.  So, after we ate, we headed right over to Temptress to have Natalie shape our brows, which we both looked better for doing.

On the way out, we stopped by L’Occitane; Celia enjoyed a hand massage while Jessica gave me a mini-facial.

We were so tired and content by the end that the only thing that was missing from the evening was a bed and breakfast! Maybe SweetXO can build one below their shop, so that we visitors will have real sugar plums dancing above our heads!


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