When I was doing my show, Karen’s Restaurant Revue, I talked about the late, great Butterfly Bakery, in Westwood, so much that viewers actually thought I owned it! I kept thinking that I should talk about it less, to dispel those thoughts, but I couldn’t help it—the wares were just so wonderful!

So, that’s what I’m beginning to worry that readers may think about the website spaphile.com; I write about their events so much, maybe readers will wonder if I own that site, too! But, alas, I don’t; I just love their well-put-together, fun events! And I’m grateful to be included. (You can be, too, when you sign-up at their site.)

So, about a month ago, needing some easy pampering, my friend Celia and I hopped right on over to Sunset Plaza for their latest happening, a simple hair event at the lovely, hidden-away (which makes it feel kind-of exclusive) Jeffrey-Kara Salon. (It’s the owners two first names.) Most of Spaphile’s events involve many services, but this one was just hair, which made it kind-of relaxing. No need to worry about what to sign-up for and when.

Celia and I showed-up with less-than-fresh hair, so we both had shampoos with Unite products, which worked great. I couldn’t stop touching my hair all week; it was so soft. (Though, in truth, I love my hair, so I touch it a lot anyway. That’s how I knew it was extra soft this time.)  Smelled good, too, Mr. X said. Yay!

That's Trina Daily in front, working on my friend's hair.

We both shared Trina Daily as our stylist. I don’t know why exactly, because we had to have our turns in a row, rather than at the same time, but we both really liked her, so it worked-out fine. And there were snacks, (the combo red velvet-apple pie, by Chef Lovejoy Cole, was the hit of the night,) drinks, a female DJ, and lots of space in the comfortable salon to roam around in, so we were relaxing even when we waiting for each other.

The interesting thing is that we have completely different hair and styles, so for one person to do both successfully is impressive. I think most of you know mine is long and luxurious (just seeing if you were paying attention with the latter adjective; I would never say that about myself,) but it’s long and straight, with bangs, and Celia’s is pretty short and goes up in a classy woman style, and Trina handled both with aplomb.

I’ll try to go back and review their other hair services for you sometime, as soon as I need color, so I’ll have more to tell you about. But, in the meantime, this Spaphile night was seriously exactly what Celia and I needed. Having good hair always lifts one’s spirits, thank goodness.


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