I’m so glad that my New York associate, Lauren, was here in Los Angeles for the Better You launch. It was the perfect way to spend the day before the tension of the Superbowl, (which my Giants won, by the way, thank you very much.)

All photos by Karen Salkin or Lauren Bennett.

BetterYou.com is a concierge service for all things fitness, beauty, and wellness. (Their site explains how it works better than I can.) And they threw a doozy of a party to celebrate the launch. The day was gorgeous, the DJ was pumping all the music from my club promoting days a dozen years ago, and we guests got to relax with exercise classes and beauty services.

The classes were already full when I got invited (thank goodness!!!,) so we had more time for beauty and relaxing.

I’m ashamed to say that I hadn’t yet been to the Annenberg Beach House on PCH, where it was held, even though it’s right next door to one of my favorite Los Angeles restaurants, Back On The Beach. I always mean to visit it, but just can’t tear myself away from eating on the beach to get some culture. (And history.) So, I was extra-thrilled with the venue! It’s beautiful there, and a perfect place for a party that particular day.

Food table.

We got there early, so we could relax into everything. Inside, there were about a dozen tables of samples and info from health and fitness companies we should all know about. There was also a generous bar with free-flowing mimosas throughout the day. I had plain OJ, of course, and it was delicious! (Outside, there was a very attractive food table, but it was always too busy for me to fight my way through. Plus, I knew I was having lunch in a little while.)

Jake putting the finishing touches on Karen's shiny 'do.

In the next room, there were several beauty stations, including one to get your make-up done and one where they braided your hair! That was a fun one I had never seen at an event before.

We passed on those two, due to time constraints, but had our nails done by Nikki Dinh of Bellacures and our hair blown by Jake Helmke of the Sassoon Academy. The sign-in sheets for those two were way long, so we patted ourselves on the back for arriving early.

Massage tent right on the beach!

We spent some time in the “VIP Lounge,” which was a roped-off area closer to the beach. One service, the massages, were actually on the beach! I can’t tell you how luxurious it felt to be lying on a table under a canopy right on the beach getting my kinks worked-out by Lisa Kim. The location alone counted for half the relaxation!

Spray tan tent.

Back on solid ground, in the VIP area, we got our brows shaped by Ali Hollis. But the piece de resistance was getting spray-tanned by Melinda Carney using Body Bronze products. None of us were prepared for it with bathing suits, and since it was right out in the open, (although in a tanning tent,) we didn’t want to go naked or with underwear. (Well, actually, one or two of the attendees looked like they wouldn’t mind, but that’s another story.) So, Melinda fashioned cute little bandeau tops and micro-mini-skirts from paper towels!!! Clever.

Newly tanned and groomed, we had to strut our stuff, so we ended this fun day with a delightful lunch on the sand at Back On The Beach. Man, that place is still hopping after all these years! Just eating there is like taking a vacation. As we finally left, Lauren said she wants to go back there every day! No doubt—we just got pampered all morning, followed by beach food and fun. What could be better?


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  1. Melinda Carney penname Melinique Sanz on

    Karen! We should start our own fashion line featuring paper bandeau’s and mini skirts! You think we’ll turn heads on the Paris runways?!! LOL! :)
    Thank you for the wonderful peice! I’m entirely grateful and will follow your blog from here on out! Its going on my facebook page also!I hope to get you bronzed and ready for the summer soon!
    Many blessings to you!

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