Let me be frank with them, and say that these are among the worst hot dogs I’ve ever eaten, if not the worst! I also hate that this place is listed in the famed Zagats restaurant guide. I really feel that food trucks should not be listed as “restaurants,” but what can you do?

So, in my goal of eating in every place in the LA and NY guides, I found myself seeking-out this truck that parks in back of the Helms Bakery building on the outskirts of Culver City.

All I can say is “yuck!” The supposed big deal is that these dogs are free from all the bad things that go into hot dogs, but then what’s the point? They taste awful, kind-of like cardboard in a skin. You can eat good-tasting products that are also good for you, if that’s what we’re going for. These taste nothing like what a hot dog should. And I should know–I was raised I Brooklyn, the hot dog capitol of the world! This place has nothing on Nathan’s.

One very icky note on their site states “Animals raised on pasture, living the lives they were meant to.” I think they left out “…right before they’re slaughtered for your dining pleasure.” I don’t want to know about the life my food led before I’m consuming it. This statement is enough to turn me vegetarian!

The whole experience is nothing special. They have no menu, no fries or sides, and no real grill! It took almost a half hour for the guy to try to get out dogs even close to well-done and we finally gave up and ate them as is. Mr. X usually just eats and doesn’t complain about food, but he also said these were pretty bad. We kind-of just choked them done out of pure hunger, because there was nothing to savor and enjoy about them. He didn’t even like the Devil Sauce, their big-claim-to fame condiment.

And, with no menu, new customers don’t find-out about the hefty price tag ($5. per dog) until they pay. And why would you pay $5. for a even so-so hot dog, no matter how “grass-fed” it might be, with no fries, when right down the block on Venice, you can get an absolutely delicious grilled hot dog for $1. at Rally’s? And, they serve the best fries ever, and you don’t even have to get out of the car! And, when you ask them to grill the dogs a little extra, it takes just three minutes, and they’re perfect. I’m so glad I don’t live closer because I’d drive-through Rally’s every day, I’m afraid. Daily hot dogs just cannot be good for you.

Especially if they’re from Let’s Be Frank, which serves some of the worst dogs I’ve ever eaten. Cute logo, though.

Though you should not need this info:  www.letsbefrankdogs.com


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