Right before I left for a super-stressful trip to New York last month, (don’t ask; you wouldn’t believe it anyway,) I got pampered at a lovely event at the Santa Monica Fred Segal. It was the Big Hearts Event, which celebrated the women who work for The Westside Children’s Center, a multi-service agency that helps families on the west side of Los Angeles who are overwhelmed by poverty, addiction, violence and isolation. That’s what a call a worthy charity.

There was private shopping, beautifying services, a gift basket raffle, and lots of food and beverages. My friend and I began the evening by being introduced to Kirsten Segal, the daughter of Fred. (Who knew there was a real man behind the store?!) She and I bonded over our love of our mutual initials, KS. (I’m actually jealous that someone else has them, too!)

The only service we had time for for was nails. I got colorful papers applied, rather than traditional papers, by a girl named Destiny. They actually lasted a whole week, even through my travel to New York!

Happily for many of the guests, (but sadly for me, who was pretty hungry,) they were serving Umami burgers. As many of you know, that’s my most hated food ever, but I decided to be a good sport and try one again. It was just as mushy and disgusting as the only other time I ate them, so my opinion hasn’t changed. (You can read the original review here: www.itsnotaboutme.tv/news/2010/07/23/dining-umami-burger-the-worst-burger-ever. And I guess that National Geographic agrees with me, at least somewhat, because they left them off their “America’s 10 Best Burgers” list.) But their fries and sweet potato fries were shockingly ungreasy this time, so that’s a step up from their “swimming in oil” ways of last year. Good to see.

Also good to see, especially to get that nasty Umami taste out of my mouth, was the delightful Candy Bar. It’s amazing how happy a candy bar makes people! It’s the most fun aspect of any party. It turns us all into true versions of kids in a candy store!

Between the drinks, food, nails, and candy, we were content as we left, and then we had the bonus of receiving goodie bags on the way out. But best of all was the knowing that we had met a whole bunch of kind-hearted, charitable women. Nothing’s more important than that!


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