Regular INAM readers know that there are few types of events I love more than beauty ones. I think I actually like them even more than foodie ones!!!

So, I was thrilled that I arrived back in Los Angeles just in time for the second Night of Beauty, held this time at Santa Monica’s fabulous Viceroy Hotel, which I haven’t spent much time at since my late clubbing days. (And nights.)

[Note: don’t bother searching this zine for a review of the first one; for some reason, that none of us remember, I missed it. Much to my chagrin, even more so now that I know how great this series is!]

All photos by Karen Salkin.

The event, sponsored by, was about so much more than just beauty, though; we VIPS, (which I recommend you all do next time; it’s definitely the way to go!) had so many extra perks.

For starters, as we entered, we received excellent goodie bags, and vouchers for…are you ready for this?…shoes and bathing suits!!! You read right; Sole Society shoes were there with several different types to choose from. I loved some of their sexy heels, but I’m still stuck in flat-land until after my back surgery, so I was happy to receive some cute ones that are neither sandals nor ballet flats. Yay!

Then we went over to the girls from Nicolita swimwear and got to mix and match tops and bottoms. My friend Vanessa and I are very different, outside of both being Capricorns, (and the fact that we both love me,) but we chose the same shoes, bikinis, and lipsticks! Loving it.

Not just the VIPs but the entire assemblage was treated to nail polish changes, chair massages, hair-blowing, make-up, and even plastic surgery info!!!

There was also a DJ, snacks, beverages, gifts, and even a mini-boutique for those who just have to spend some money.

And it all took place in the gorgeous atmosphere of the Viceroy pool and cabana area, and ground floor event rooms.

I hope to see all you LA chicks at the next one. I don’t know when that will be, but I’ll be sure to tweet the info whenever it is. @KarenSalkin


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