As a girly-girl, you know that there’s nothing I love more than a good beauty event. Especially when it also has food and goodie bags! Here are three I’ve been to recently, all so different, in different areas of Los Angeles, in order of my recent first.



OMG!!! This is the most gorgeous, mouth-watering girly-girl place I’ve ever seen! Usually salons this beautifully creative are for only little girls, but this one is for everyone. I can’t portray enough just how much I loved this place. My friend and I got to the Eleanor Jean opening early, so we could go to other places when we done. But we were having such a blast that we wound-up staying even after everyone else had left. It was like being in a fairytale. I never wanted to leave!

Created by entrepreneur, Jacey Kassabian, and named after her beloved southern grandmother, this place is a fantasy land. I swear, it took my breath away when we first entered. The color scheme, dominated by turquoise and pink, is mouth-watering. Even the goodie bags matched the décor!

The pedicure area.

The front room is the retail area, with all kinds of creams and lotions and make-up, nail polish, jewelry, and headbands. I have a feeling that Jacey hand-picked each and every item herself. There’s one little curtained-off room for lash work (extensions and dying,) that has a giant powder puff as its pillow! Genius.

Then, if you’re lucky enough to get a mani/pedi there, you step into the back room, which is like no nail salon you’ve ever seen. Seriously, my friend and I spent the entire duration of the party back there because it was definitely the place to be. You’ve just got to experience it for yourself.

My new BFFs, Diana Ruiz and Tina V'lanomelle.

My nail tech was Diana Ruiz, who looks like the mysterious leading lady in a film noir movie. She couldn’t have been kinder or more efficient. Tina V’lanomelle did my friend’s nails, with the patience of Job, and it turns out, that we had met an Oscar suite earlier this year when she was there helping-out with their services. We recognized each other, though my job in that category was easier because how can you forget a cute girl with pink hair in the front and bright red lips? I’m telling you, these girls are the perfect advertisement for a business that’s all about beauty.

All the while, we were treated to champagne with raspberries, pink lemonade, and mint juleps, which were a tribute to Jacey’s southern roots. She also served cupcakes and other treats from Melissa Joan Hart’s near-by SweetHarts shop. I believe Jacey told me that she always has these snacks on hand at Eleanor Jean, which means I just may pay daily visits to the place!

I hope to review all the services down the line, when they get really rolling, but if you have time before I do, I heavily suggest you stop in as soon as you can. And then you can go shopping in the area because several businesses on the same block are mini-celebrity-owned. (Lisa Rinna, Tory Spelling.) But to me, the only celeb that matters is the one that you feel like when you’re at Eleanor Jean.

13812 Ventura Blvd.   Sherman Oaks   818-788-1546




Boy, how Joseph Martin Salon has progressed with the times. Way back in the day, when Michael McCartney (yes, Paul’s bro!,) was a guest on my show, he told me about this place, and for awhile, I had my pre-taping manicures done there.

Now, they’ve expanded to include one of the new, hip blow-dry bars. (This may sound strange, but I feel that I’m at least partly responsible for their arrival in L.A., in general, because I always talked about them on my show, after I discovered the original versions of them in my native Brooklyn, imploring someone to open them on this coast. And here they are!)

So, last week, I was really happy to attend the JM Blow-out Spring Fling, where my friend and I had our tresses shampooed and blown, while noshing on cheese and crackers, hummus, and Sweet E’s mini-cupcakes. They had champagne and all sorts of wines, as well.

I was lucky enough to be assigned to easy-going New Jersey-ite Steven Shames, who blew my hair straight, with a touch of body, in a short time, while keeping me entertained with stories that negated my need to watch Dateline that week. At my urging, of course.

Celia had two guys, Brian and Paris, work on her ’do because it’s a little more complicated than my long, straight tresses. And, since it’s a blow-dry bar, they did it all with just a blow dryer. Pretty impressive.

Karen Salkin with Steven Shames.

As Steven was finishing-up with me, a man in a white coat approached me and asked if he could “borrow” my hand. I didn’t know what to think at first, but then he proceeded to give me an excellent hand massage. What a fun perk!

An added bonus was that they have the best hangars I’ve ever encountered in a salon dressing room! They’re the ones that they sell a lot of on shopping shows, that make it almost impossible for your clothing to slip off.

And, as we were exiting, looking great (well, at least in the hair department,) we were handed goodie bags of products to maintain beautiful locks at home. This was exactly my kind of peaceful, stress-free event.

9410 Dayton Way   Beverly Hills   310-86-1880


SPAPHILE TASTING EVENT AT LE POSH SALON hosted yet another fun beauty party at the seven-month-old Le Posh Salon in Hollywood. That particular area just keeps getting hipper all the time. And this beauty destination classes it up; the name says it all.

Once again, we got to choose two services from about four or five. My friend and I went with a quick neck and shoulder massage and having our hair blown. (They weren’t doing shampoos at this one, so we arrived with our hair wet, though some others just had theirs styled rather than blown.)

While we all waited our turn, we got to snack on wonderful organic and natural treats courtesy of four-month-old West Hollywood multi-Asian eatery, Fresheast. There was a little taste of something for everyone–chicken, shrimp, vegetables, brown rice, etc. It was good to be eating so healthfully at an event.

My friend and I were lucky enough to have Creative Director Jarrod Fisher give us a mini-tour of the pristine salon. Every inch of the place looks so fabulous that I hope to do a whole relaxing day there soon to review for you guys. And trust me, with all their fun services, that will be a long day!

7551 W. Sunset Blvd.   West Hollywood   323-851-5558


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