This one was what “suites” were created to be to begin with—a true beauty event. [Note: If you don’t know I mean, please check-out my Suites 101 tutorial here:]

DJ Beverly Bond getting the party started. All photos by Karen Salkin.

It was held at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills, on the actual day of the Grammys, and was hosted by a woman DJ, Beverly Bond, who was fabulous. I really couldn’t tear myself myself away from the music, which haver happens anymore! Where was she when I was running hip-hop clubs? I could have really used her back then. She threw in a bunch of Whitney without hitting us over the head with it. And the volume was perfect. Loud enough but far from uncomfortable. She was great.

The beauty stations were set up just far enough apart to be comfortable yet still maintain a party atmosphere.

Richard Glass made Karen's locks so shiny they're glowing!

The first stop for me, as always at beauty events, was hair. Until my hair is looking good, I’m just not right. I had the good fortune to have it worked on by Richard Glass, the fun owner of his eponymous salon in Venice. He was great; he flat-ironed my hair without complaining that it’s a boring style. And he refrained from pointing-out that I’m in great need of color and a trim, which is exactly why I want to go to him next time and do a review of all of his services for you. I really love a pleasant hair guy! And he trimmed my bangs perfectly, again without ragging on the last guy who really messed them up. That’s a secure man. He gave us each a jar of his Air Gel pomade when we were done, so we could continue looking as fabulous as when we left him that day.

The manicure tables in the foreground of the happening scene.

Freshly coifed, I segued right over the manicure station, manned by Fred Segal Salon personnel. I was lucky enough to be double-teamed by manager Melissa Bozant and cosmetologist Hannah Leah, who helped me choose me a pink sparkly Nailezee polish just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Handsome Ja'Maal Buster and his signature eyelashes.

I finished up with a quick application of lash strips courtesy of my old pal Ja’Maal Buster, who’s known as The Eyelash Guru To The Stars. (Of course he’s that!–He’s done my lashes for my TV show off and on over the years.) He usually applies individual lashes, but now he has his own line of re-usable ones we can put on ourselves. By bringing those to the suite, he was able to accommodate just about everyone who wanted them; it was great to be at an event where none of the girls were disgruntled over the amount of wait time.

The festive snacks. Where did all those chips bags go so quickly???

To help keep them happy and occupied for the little time they did wait for some services, the organizers provided beverages and some fun snacks, which were brought to the suite by my favorite waiter at the hotel, Pepe de le Torre. He’s always so pleasant and even-tempered. Nothing seems to rattle him.

Now, here’s the shock of the day–I found an alcoholic beverage I love!!! I still can’t believe it. I’m lucky I didn’t get drunk since I’ve never really had a drink before, (just a sip here and there to ascertain that I do, indeed, hate the taste of alcohol,) so I don’t know how many sips would effect me.

Qream bottles. Yum!

Anyway, it’s from a new company called Qream and it’s cream liqueur that comes in two flavors. The strawberry was just all right to me, but the peach, over tons of ice, was heavenly!!! It’s made for women, so it was especially appropriate as the drink of this beauty suite.

Okay, I just researched it, as I do most things I write about, and found out it was created by rapper and music producer Pharrell Williams! The interesting thing is that I also have sneakers designed by him, and they’re also mouth-watering! (Of course they are—the brand is called Ice Cream!) I’ll tell you more about Qream sometime when I’ve had more than a few sips because I think it’s really interesting.

There was also a lovely array of teas and coffees for the teetotalers, which I usually am.

Karen featuring her new bangs, eyelashes, and manicure.

Many of the guest also took advantage of the two make-up stations and a beautiful line of gowns for attendees to borrow, but since I can do my own funny face better than most make-up people do, (outside of Adele’s artist—I’m dying to get my eyes done by him or her!,) and I hate the worry of borrowing clothing, (I did it for my show occasionally, and I worried the whole time that something would happen to the wardrobe,) I never got over to them. So, there’s something to look forward to at the next Black Girls Rock event!


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