In case you haven’t already heard, this month of October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

I’m one of the lucky ones (knock on wood); I’ve had three scares, with all coming-out negative for this dreadful disease. So, I’m always on alert.

But, I would venture a guess that most people are not, so we have this month to remind us to be vigilant with our own health. And to support this worthy cause.

C4 Belts #CARE4BOOBIES Belt, along with the important info that comes in the package. Photo by Karen Salkin.

C4 Belts #CARE4BOOBIES Belt, along with the important info that comes in the package. Photo by Karen Salkin.

I recently came upon a company who’s inadvertently combining this month’s message with last week’s Fashion Week. (Only a girly-girl such as I would have put that together, though!) In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a belt company, C4 Belts, is launching the campaign #Care4boobies to educate people, and raise money for more research to finally end this rotten disease.

You might know that I very rarely pass shopping events along to you, but besides that this one will result in donations to this worthy cause, I checked-out these belts, and each one (that you can sort-of design yourself,) is more attractive than the one before.

You get to mix and match belt thicknesses, colors, and even buckle color, but I especially noticed the all-pink ones that are specifically for this month, so I feel it’s something you guys should know about.

So, here’s the deal for my readers: If you order a belt, be sure to use the code CARE4BOOBIES during checkout. You not only receive $5 off your purchase, but C4 Belts will then donate $5 to their partner, @Standup for the Cure!  Plus, if you post a picture of you holding or wearing your new C4 Belt, and tag @c4belts and #Care4boobies, they will donate an additional $5 to the cause! So, you’re being a fashionista and a philanthropist at the same time!!! It’s a win-win-win!

Also, each order comes with some valuable information on breast cancer, including a card with directions for self-exams. Who would have thought that buying an attractive accessory could engender all that?!

I tried it out myself, and just received the bright pink classic belt, which is the one the company is featuring for this special month. I hope to wear it every day, up until Halloween! So, if you see me in it multiple times, please don’t think I’m boring; just know that I’m supporting Breast Cancer Awareness, this month and always. You should, too.

For more info, and to order the belts, please go to:


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