1914728_10208117863357788_6774018890660520114_nEven though I’m trumpeting my January 14th birthday once again, (it’s this Sunday, in case you’ve lost track of the dates this month,) I have an unusual calmness about it this year.  That’s due to the fact that “18” means “life” to my ethnicity, so I’m always happy when I see that number.  I’m hoping it works that way for this new year of my life, knock on wood; from my mouth to God’s ears; pu, pu, pu; fingers crossed—you get my superstitious drift.

So, to celebrate with you all, here’s a short video about one of my favorite recent birthday stories (but come back here after you finish watching it, please!): www.youtube.com/watch?v=NLFgQRCDZ1M&t=67s.

Wow—that video was exhausting to do! And possibly to watch, as well! (And you don’t know the half of it!!!)

17800192_748679291965184_8780704147431173980_nAnd let me just say that it’s never fun when my birthday lands on a Sunday because I want to just stay home and watch the football play-offs! Which is not exactly a rollicking bday.

So, if you’re wondering what to get me as a birthday present, to cheer me up, I’d love it if you would please just follow me across my platforms.  That would be a fabulous gift! Here’s all that info:

Twitter: @MajorCelebrity

Facebook Fan Page: It’s Not About Me TV

Instagram: majorcelebrity

YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com/channel/UCF7mwI2jwcB2xB9dBCBxLZg

1922405_10152830119643872_3356639472989703803_nBy the way—I’ll be taking this coming Monday off because it’s Martin Luther King Day. (And the day after my birthday, of course!!! I’m hoping that I’ll need to rest-up after all the celebrating I’ll be doing this entire week-end! Again, see all my superstitious notes from the first paragraph.) So, I’ll meet you all back here on Tuesday.

Oh—I almost forgot—Happy Birthday to me!!!


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