[Note: I’m thrilled that my broken ribs healed enough for me to able to make it out to five gifting suites that celebrated this year’s Emmys.  Of course, my contributing writers made it possible, by doing all the heavy lifting, for which I really thank them.  As usual, each suite gets its own write-up because I don’t want any of you to miss even one item or celebrity I’m telling you about.  So, please make sure to look at the previous ones, and check-out the upcoming ones, as well, to learn about all the fabulous-ness.  I went in order of my visits this year; this is the third of five.  My Contributing Writer on this one is Alice Farinas.  Her comments are the ones attributed to him by name, and also the ones in quotes.]

Jerome Dean.  Photo by Alice Farinas.

Jerome Dean. Photo by Alice Farinas.

For her tertiary gifting suite, Charmaine Blake returned to the happening Mondrian Hotel in West Hollywood, California.  It was located in the big room between the lobby and the pool, so we all got both vantage points of the hip-ness surrounding us.

My favorite part of the whole event was having handsome singer, Jerome Dean, serenade us throughout.  That was indeed a surprise bonus!

But, of course, I love learning about everything on offer at these events, so I can share them with you. So, here are the highlights of the gifts.  Of especial interest is that there was a big concentration of products from India this time, as witnessed by the quintet of items peppered throughout the list below:

Karen Salkin "modeling" one of the bathing suits. Photo by Alice Farinas.

Karen Salkin “modeling” one of the bathing suits. Photo by Alice Farinas.

Bare Bumz–This “sexy, fun, and seductive line of swimwear” was letting each woman choose her own bikini.  Alice added that the patterns and styles are “really hip,” and when she check them out on-line, she was happy to discover that they’re also “reasonably-priced!”

Br4ss—This men’s line was gifting their colorful underwear and socks. I swear—I’m an expert on men’s underwear, which sounds strange, but they’re always so comfortable for me to wear around the house! And these look to be just the right combo of clingy and loose; I’m sure hip dudes love them!

Maccimize–Alice said, “This is a very happening accessories line.  It’s elegantly put together for all woman.”  They were gifting little gold ball double-earrings, which is the kind with the second ball hanging down the back, to make it look like it’s two earrings in one.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Photo by Karen Salkin.

Fashion By Rohini–Alice made note of that “this line brings traditional Indian culture to the modern world, and shares beauty and elegance.  Very chic.”  Although they were displaying several of their designs, they made it simple by gifting either a rich pink or creamy green silk scarf to each guest.

Beyond Media–This company gave each guest a little candle to bring attention to that they made the banners for the event.  Nice touch, rather than just talking about it.

 Photo by Alice Farinas.

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Shahnaz Husain Skincare–We spent a lot of time with this Indian family who developed a skin care line that Alice said “reaches back to ancient India, and brings it into today’s women’s facial needs, with the purest of herbs.”  They gave out multi-product gift bags that included an herbal eyeliner that Alice said is “dramatically different” because it’s touted to be a lash enhancer at the same time!

Kelly Anne–This pretty woman, who has developed her own line of hair products, was gifting sweetly-wrapped little travel bottles of leave-in conditioner.

 Photo by Alice Farinas.

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Forever Rakhi–Alice liked this “very zen line of bracelets with a traditional indian flair.”  She said that “each one is symbolic, and has its own energy.”  Her fave was the Buddha, which helps with peace, serenity, and patience, which she deemed “all great vibrations!”  I was more attracted to the evil eye, because there is so much negativity I want to be protected from!

 Photo by Alice Farinas.

Photo by Alice Farinas.

Oharani Luxe Experience–This travel concierge service, that specializes in trips to India, was introducing themselves to us with a prettily-packaged container of spiced nuts.  What a lovely way to get to know them!


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