This suite really lived up to its title! We definitely got pampered, royally!

It was put on by Culinary and Cannabis, which is run by one of the nicest people I have the pleasure to know, Tamara Anderson. Most of the treatments and products involved marijuana or marijuana oil, which all the guests seemed happy about. Tamara is a nurse, and is a big proponent of the use of medical marijuana, and thus was born the CannaSpa!

The goodie bags we all went home with.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

The goodie bags we all went home with. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Because of my brain issue, I’m not allowed to either smoke the herb or ingest it, so I wasn’t able to partake of the cannabis-infused food or any other possibly fun uses of the bud,  but I was absolutely all about the services on offer.

CannaSpa was held at a very interesting venue, one which was new to even this bon vivette! It was in a part of downtown that I had never been to, in a beautiful open space with many private rooms for all the treatments, which I really appreciated. My contributing writer on this one is Lisa, who enjoyed it all as much as I did. Her comments are the ones in quotes.  She described the entire event as “current, interesting, and helpful,” an assessment I completely agree with.

So, let’s get to the highlights already!

All the services were curated by the mobile spa company, Perceptive by Princess VaShion.   And let me tell you—this was the absolute most services I’ve ever seen at a pre-awards show “suite.”  Lisa and I couldn’t get to all of them in the time we had allotted for the event, but we did our best to cover as many as possible.  Here’s what we experienced, in the order that we did them:

Curtis Clark and Antone Murray.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Curtis Clark and Antone Murray. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Royal Treatment Wellness Massage—The owner of this mobile massage company, Antone Murray, has worked on my poor, injured back several times over the years, and he’s always been excellent.  But he outdid himself at this one!  Because of the beautiful layout of the suites, he and his associate, Curtis Clark, were able to give us table massages, (as opposed to the usual-at-events sitting-up chair ones,) so we got to feel the full power of their massages.  And they were just great!  Lisa said of Curtis, “He blessed me with a gentle, thorough, pain-relieving back, shoulder, and lower leg massage.  I had shown-up with real aches and tension in my back, and when he was done working on me, the aches were gone.”  I feel exactly the same about Antone, who worked on my back knots.  I usually like to end events with a good pain-relieving treatment, but we were so glad to receive them right away this time because that relaxed us for the rest of the event.  That might be because they used cannabis-based massage oils on us from their new line, Flower Conspiracy, which worked some magic, too.

Dr. Eve.  Photo by Karen Salkin.

Dr. Eve. Photo by Karen Salkin.

Dr. Eve’s Color and Sound Therapy—This classy holistic practitioner uses gemstones and sound waves on her clients’ chakras for healing purposes.  Lisa said, “The entire experience was quite pleasant, and I felt better afterward.”  I agree, and I was also happy to discover that Eve makes a CD for weight loss.  You know I’ll be listening to that one!

Facial by Meline Tovmasian—I was sooo glad to get a mini-facial because it was not only my face that required it—my entire being was in need of that bit of pampering right about then.  And Meline is so knowledgable that she gently gave me tips for not just skin, but for my overall health.  Much appreciated.

Princess VaShion Waddell working on Karen Salkin's nails.  Photo by Lisa Politz.

Princess VaShion Waddell working on Karen Salkin’s nails. Photo by Lisa Politz.

Brows by Nikki Amini—Lisa had never had her brows threaded before, so she was thrilled to discover that new-to-her service here. Lisa was very happy with the shaping that Nikki did on her brows because she felt that it gave them “a more feminine appearance.”

Mini Mani—At the end of the day, I had my polish changed by Princess.  I don’t how she got it to last all week, (which is a big rarity for me nowadays,) because she used just regular nail polish.  So, big props to her for her technique!

Lisa and I were so chill after all that activity that we didn’t even have the energy to socialize.  But on the way out, two clothing companies caught our eyes, so we were compelled to find-out more about them.  This is what we learned:

Photo by Lisa Politz.

Photo by Lisa Politz.

The 86ers—Lisa appreciated the moniker of this tee-shirt and cap company, which pertains to people who are excluded.  And, as a visual artist herself, she noted that “all the apparel items have fantastic graphics.”  All I know is that all the guys who were wearing them at the event looked great!  www.the

Photo by Lisa Politz.

Photo by Lisa Politz.

Elite Premium Denim—I admired all these creative jeans for men, but Lisa waxed so rhapsodic about them that I’ll let her express the sentiments of both of us.  She said, “The design is cutting edge, the color choices are so interesting, and the fabric is the best!  It’s heavy but soft, and aged but not ragged, and all the colors, both  traditional and otherwise, are subtle and pleasing.  And I love the many zippers and pockets. The extra effort that went into adding subtle details, such as padded welts on the knees and a suede pocket inside a rear patch pocket, makes these jeans live up to their moniker—Elite!”

On top of all that, we each left a bag of goodies to keep the party going in our own homes. All in all, CannaSpa was a very successful event! I’m definitely looking forward to their next fete.


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