I just attended a very LA event, even though it began in New York last summer. It’s called the Carrera Escape, and was an evening of excellent cuisine, beautiful views, and lovely gifts. Carrera is a very happening sunglass company (in case you yourself are not hip enough to know that fact!) who hosted this event in the Chateau Marmont Penthouse.

One of the views from the Penthouse terrace.

First of all, the sights were gorgeous! I’ve lived here since I was a teen-ager, and still appreciate the beauty to be seen in Los Angeles, if only we open our eyes to it. Chateau Marmont has some of the most beautiful views anywhere–it’s not just a place to be seen; it’s a place to look out the windows from and see. (Except that we were in the Penthouse, so we didn’t have to use windows; we had a panoramic view from the terrace.)

It really was a pleasure to relax and be treated to all this soiree had to offer. As we entered the suite, (which is complete with a full kitchen,) we were treated to trays of colorful cocktails served-up by cute and welcoming waiters. (They were all really lovely and were probably our favorite people of the evening.)

The mini-burger tray, after I got through with it!

They served sumptuous passed appetizers throughout the night, catered by the hotel itself, and they were all delicious. I must have eaten four mini-burgers, and couldn’t get enough of them. I had been to the dreadful Umami Burger that afternoon, and was so grateful for truly tasty tidbits to make up for the slop I had eaten there. [Note: My full review of that place will be up in the near future, so please check it out. I want everyone to know how awful it really is.]

Back to the excellent chow at Carrera Escape: Candis loved the ruffled risotto balls and mushroom tarts, while I supplemented my burger intake with shrimp skewers. Others grabbed coconut-encrusted lobster, which was an upscale take on the usual shrimp in that batter, and meaty lamb chops.

Candis getting her make-up done by Cover Girl artist, Tara, but I guess I was focused on the new purple-tubed mascaras!

When we were full, (or at anytime, really) we got to have our make-up done by make-up artists from Cover Girl. (Wasn’t that all of our first make-up brand? I know it was for us New York glamour girls.) They introduced the purple-tubed (which I loved) Lashblast Fusion Mascara. That just might be a good product for my Beauty Panel to try out soon! I’ll keep you posted on that.

Then we picked-out basic tee shirts to have custom-screened with prints by Alternative Apparel. Candis and I both chose to have old school record players on ours. But I’m sick I didn’t get it for Mr. X instead. He actually thought it was a good tee, when I brought it home, which rarely happens, trust me. I should have just gotten a large instead of a small and we could have shared. Oh well. I guess I was just having too much fun to do my usual non-selfish thinking.

Goodie bag contents.

As if all this wasn’t enough, we left with goodie bags full of Lancaster Sunscreens, (which are so attractive, they make it easy to remember to protect ourselves,) Cover Girl goodies, Café Bustelo coffee, and a big Carrera beach towel. Now, if we just had the sunglasses to go with that all, we’d be all set for a really cool summer.






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